Fiber Arts – Craft, Design, and a Historical View upon Female Labor

(Statens Værksteder for Kunst) #1

Design talk on fiber arts featuring independent curator Elizabeth Kozlowski, Master of Arts in Museum Studies, USA.

June 8th, 4.30pm
The Danish Art Workshops

In this talk Elizabeth Kozlowski will investigate the historical gendered division of labor and its relationship to artistic production. She works with development of the textile industry and the labor movement in the United States. The women’s movement in relation to industrialization is her focal point and proves a symbiotic relationship to contemporary fiber arts.

Elizabeth Kozlowski holds a Master of Arts in Museum Studies and works in partnership with contemporary Danish artist Isabel Berglund. Home Mask Relations is the title of a social art project and exhibition developed by Isabel Berglund and curated by Kozlowski in collaboration with Florida Atlantic University. In short, the project consists of hand-knitted representations of “home” and “place”. The experiences of home relations, that Berglund highlights with her project, is a timely illustration of what seems to have become a global issue.

Kozlowski will elaborate on the themes of Berglund’s social project and furthermore provide an overview of her many collaborations with Danish craftsmen. The look upon Danish craftsmanship from an American point of view will be highlighted.

Free admission! The talk will be in English.

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