Just Eat re-brander

Fra It’s Nice that

venturethree has rebranded takeaway delivery service Just Eat, choosing to remove the cursor from the original logo. The new visual identity introduces a multi-coloured spectrum background, “alluding to the diversity of food choices,” says the agency.

The decision to remove the cursor appears to represent the widespread transition to mobile-first design across the industry – it’s likely more customers use Just Eat on their phones than their computers, making a cursor increasingly less relevant.

Overall the rebrand is intended to change the perception of the brand, portraying higher quality. It has been simplified to make it stand out on everything from the app icon to the delivery bikes. venturethree says the identity is “cleaner, more modern and dynamic, giving a sense of movement and speed”.

Creative director Graham Jones explains the “expressive and upbeat” redesign is in response to a brief to convey the company’s fun, youthful and light tone of voice, while the photography has moved away from “food porn” and become reportage style, showing the community of getting a takeaway.